Featured Job of the Month – October

Capital One Volo Data Center – Volo, IL

Project: Interior Lobby, Restrooms and Exterior Storage Tanks

AAA Painting Contractors power washed all surfaces to be painted to remove all residue. We then chiseled away loose mil scale rust from the corroded surfaces. Using power tool’s, we cleaned all rusted surfaces and spot primed with one coat of a moisture tolerant solvent-free epoxy that possesses several qualities that are ideal for the Midwest environment. First, it has excellent anti-corrosive properties. It can also be applied over medium flash rust. It has excellent edge retention capabilities helping it cover the most difficult to coat sharp edges. Lastly, it has great substrate and intercoat adhesion, which allows it to be applied to marginally prepared surfaces. A full prime coat was applied to the base of the silo where it contacts the concrete pad.

Painting the exterior of 3 storage tanks, supports and coordinating electrical cabinets was what made this project unique. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Capital One on this project.Capital One