Featured Job of the Month – January

Methode Electronics – Harwood Heights, IL 

Project: Interior Flooring and Paint 

Methode Electronics is a leading developer of custom-engineered and application-specific products and solutions utilizing the latest technologies. They are also a repeat customer of AAA Painting Contractor’s. We were excited about the opportunity to update the interior of their Harwood Heights location.

To prep for the installation of their new flooring, we removed up to 300 previously repaired cement patches. We grinded the edges to a smooth taper and filled them with a repair mortor system. The additional flooring was diamond grinded for a smoother profile. We primed the entire floor with a clear penetrating epoxy primer. After thorough preparation, AAA installed a self-leveling epoxy floor system. The product we used is specifically formulated to protect concrete surfaces and provide excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance.

The second component to the job was interior painting. We removed all of the loose and peeling paint and primed the area with a rust inhibitive and corrosion resistant acrylic metal primer. We sprayed the ceiling panels, cross members, metal trusses, horizontal structural beams, conduit, abutting piping and galvanized ductwork with a waterbased eggshell finish dryfall paint. We also painted the free standing vertical structural columns with 2 coats of alkyd gloss paint. The columns that house fire extinguishers were painted with Safety Red Industrial Enamel alkyd gloss paint to coincide with safety regulations.Methode